W - Forward, S - Backward, A - Left and D - Right or you can use arrow keys.

Z - Horn

X - Ability (Challenge Mode Only)

NOTE: PC and Android users do not need to create an account unless you would like to use the leaderboards and store your save data on the server. Otherwise you can simply go back at the login screen as this feature is primary for iPad users in which the browser does not store data locally (Thanks APPLE!).

Get your wheels turning, your wallet earning and vintage car collection burning.

*Three exciting game modes from free-roaming the city, becoming the next best taxi service in the arcade or to compete against the cities challenges that you'll face within challenge mode.
*Over twenty unique vehicles to purchase ranging from everyday taxis to absurd bumper cars. Pick up passengers in triple A movie vehicles or ride in style as an ice cream van.
*Day or night, rain or clear skies the city will always be alive. The sounds of football being played at the stadium to the massive jets that fly the sky.
*An assistant to guide you along the way whilst you dash around the city. Keeping you entertained as you play with the in-built GPS system.
*Let your ears clam to the soothing classical music, hear the beat from the pop or the bass of the jazz.

Is that the tires burning or the Sunday dinner?

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